cathal DOOLEY

Software Engineer.


Cathal Dooley

Software Engineer

Motivated and hard-working software engineer with professional experience in the capital markets and connected devices industries. Currently based in Vancouver, Canada.



May 2021 - Present

I work as software engineer for Blackline Safety in Calgary, Canada. My primary roles during my time at Blackline Safety are listed below.

Software Engineer

Design and implement applications using Python and Twilio’s REST APIs to enable calls to Blackline Safety’s connected devices.

Backend Engineer

Perform SQL query tuning to improve the performance of long-running queries used within Blackline Safety’s Alert Management Portal.

Project Lead

Coordinate the application, infrastructure, firmware, and test requirements of the highest priority project in Blackline Safety while also leading the daily scrum meetings.

On-Call Responder

Carry out on-call duties on rotation, providing 24-hour support to ensure the health and wellness of all applications and services within Blackline Safety.

March 2018 - December 2020

I worked as software engineer for First Derivatives plc in Dublin, Ireland. My primary roles during my time at First Derivatives are listed below.

Java Developer

Design and implement internal and external feedhander APIs for First Derivatives’ Flow FX trading platform.

Backend Engineer

Design, maintain and query backend databases using kdb+.

Test Development

Design and maintain platform and integrations tests.

Client Success

Build and maintain positive relationships with clients in on-site projects while working with tier 1 investment banks and major financial institutions.

January - August 2016

I worked as an software engineer intern at The Insight Centre for Data Analytics in Galway, Ireland from January to August of 2016. My primary roles during my time at Insight are listed below.

Web Application Development

Design and develop a web application to be used as a tool to statisically analyse sports datasets.

Statistical Analysis of Complex Datasets

Perform statistical analytics on large sports datasets using techniques such as machine learning and data mining.

Visualisation of Complex Datasets

Extract interesting information from large sports datsets and graphically display those trends.

Frontend and Backend Integration

Implement client-facing APIs for the web application using DeployR back-end framework and integrate with the front-end UI.


Data Visualisation and Machine Learning Web Application with Potential Use in Sports Data Analytics

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A Microprocessor Engineering Project: The Laser Guitar

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Design & Communication Graphics Project: Design a Contemporary Lectern

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A Structural Engineering Project: The Spaghetti Bridge

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2013 - 2017

National University of Ireland, Galway

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering, Electronic and Computer
Results: First Class Honours, 1.1

2008 - 2013

St. Joseph's Patrician College, Galway

Results: 545 points
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My Story So Far.

  • Music

    I'm a passionate guitarist with experience playing in a number of bands.
    I also write and produce my own songs and my music can be found by following the links below.
  • Sports

    I've played sports all my life. Growing up, I tried my hand at many sports, with soccer and GAA being my favourites.
    I'm a Chelsea FC fan through and through.
  • Technology

    Technology continues to evolve and shape our future. I try to stay up to date with all new technologies and I love a good tech project or challenge.
    I'm very interested in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. These areas of technology have become very popular in all aspects of life today and have endless potential. I'm excited to watch these technologies advance in the coming years and I hope to be part of that journey too.
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(+1) 778-235-4474

Vancouver, Canada

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